A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.
— joseph Pilates

We are a boutique, private studio located in the Design District with a private changing area & secure storage for valuables. We use only Gratz and Basil Pilates equipment, as they are the only manufacturers in the world that duplicate the precision, quality and function of Joseph's equipment. 


The ultimate goal in Pilates is to perform a perfect Mat in the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced order - BUT! - the Mat work is the hardest to master because there is no equipment to assist you. In working one-on-one, most lessons start on the reformer, which allow the body to be supported by gravity and the teacher to quickly recognize misalignments or asymmetries of the body. Each lesson would consist of time on the reformer, then move to the mat, and then other pieces of equipment to provide a balanced experience of working with and without equipment to understand the balance of stretch, strength, and control. 

It is a common misconception that Pilates equipment intensifies the strength or resistance work, but Joseph Pilates built each apparatus with such precision that every single angle, spring, and strap has a specific purpose to support you through the movement. Part of the genius behind Pilates' work is that exercises are introduced to the body gradually over time, beginning with the body supported by gravity in a horizontal position like on the Reformer, and then concepts are re-introduced on other pieces of equipment in seated, standing and in more advanced settings, inverted variations.  

Pilates requires a balance of strength, flexibility and control at the end ranges of motion, and since every body is different, the teacher's cues will help the student to achieve the best balance the stretch, strength and control for their body on that day. 

In Joseph Pilates method of Controlology, there are no machines that move us, we are in control of the apparatus and it exists to deepen our understanding of the work. There are over 600 exercises in Pilates and several ways to experience the same exercise with a balance of the Mat work and use of the equipment.