Move to the music of your own body. The rhythm of your own breathing.


Ashley trained under an old school-style apprenticeship within the Romana's Pilates program. Her primary training center was Park Cities Pilates Center, in Dallas, TX, where she spent over 2 years, 800+ hours observing, taking lessons and teaching. PCPC consistently hosts the Romana's Pilates Master Teachers for training workshops and seminars which significantly enhances the depth of knowledge that any teacher can receive. 

In addition to training at PCPC, Ashley frequently traveled to New York and Fort Lauderdale, both headquarters of the Romana's Pilates program, as well as Atlanta and Los Angeles. Obtaining a Romana's Pilates certification is rigorous and comprehensive and requires years of study, practice and experience before one can teach. 

Ashley Miglini 


I will always be a life-long learner of movement. I've never loved anything more than learning about physical movement and expression. Growing up, I studied and competed in many forms of dance and gymnastics. As an adult, I completed a 6 month yoga teacher training at the Dallas Yoga Center in 2010, and developed a profound love of aerial acrobatics. I have been dedicated to practicing and advocating for aerial circus arts ever since. I am on the Board of Directors for Circus Now, a non-profit that supports the evolution of circus as an art and practice within North America. From 2013-2015, I studied CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting with a private teacher, John Mariotti, the 6th fittest man worldwide in Reebok's CrossFit Games Masters age group 55-59. I currently practice the Ido Portal Method at The Movement Standard, with Brian Johnson in addition to my Pilates and aerial practices.

I completed a 2+ year long apprenticeship under the Romana's Pilates program, which requires over 800 hours of private lessons, observation and teaching. It is the most comprehensive training program in the world and upholds the legacy of Joseph Pilates' protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. 

I love Pilates because it it allows you to take ownership of your body and mind. Most people have no idea how good you can feel and Pilates gives you the opportunity to feel your absolute best. I take inspiration from Joseph Pilates' in so many ways. He was a genius of the body and was well before his time. He was a professional boxer, circus performer and gymnast to name a few. He also invented every single apparatus that we use today, and his work informed much of what we know in chiropractics, health and fitness today. 

With a vast perspective and a desire to learn, one can discover their truest potential and develop the highest level of kinesthetic intelligence. It is my mission to help you bring the art of control into your life - through the strength and flexibility of your body and mind. You will discover more confidence, more freedom, more authenticity in all areas of your life, and you will ultimately be happier. I look forward to teaching you and learning from you as we work toward your personal goals.