What do I wear?

Comfortable fitness wear that allows you to move and stretch freely is recommended. Clothing with zippers, snaps and pockets may be uncomfortable as many exercises are done lying on your back or stomach. Some exercises require moving your legs to an open position or even over your head, so please consider form fitting clothing. Pilates focuses on alignment, proper muscle engagement and articulation of the spine, so clothing that is too baggy will prevent the teacher from providing you with the best cues for your body, and thus limit the results of your workout.

If you are taking private lessons, 'sticky' or 'grippy' socks are recommended. We will soon have the recommended ToeSox available for purchase. 

Why are there no drop-in classes?

The ultimate goal in Pilates perform a perfect Mat in the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced order - BUT! - the Mat work is the hardest to master because there is no equipment to assist you. Dallas Pilates offers series classes that introduce exercises in a progressive manner, so that the quality of teaching is upheld and students can gain a mastery of the exercises. Once students have reached a certain level, they will be eligible for open mat classes at a drop in rate.   

Read more about the method here

Where do I park?

Parking in front of the building, anywhere that does not say reserved is permitted. Street parking is also available. 

other FAQ?

Please contact us if you have a question that has not been answered. We'd like this list to be comprehensive and if you have a question, someone else likely does as well. Thank you!