Physical fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness, but it can neither be achieved by wishful thinking or outright purchase.
— Joseph Pilates

I AM READY TO HAVE more confidence, freedom and authenticity in all areas of MY life.

Romana Kryzanowska

The method

Pilates is a method of physical & mental conditioning as well as injury prevention & rehabilitation, which all lessons at Dallas Pilates include as part of the experience. It is the culmination of complete kinesiological, physiological and psychological intelligence. The ultimate goal is a balance between flexibility and strength, with the ability to control the body in all and especially the end ranges of motion. Dallas Pilates is committed to passing on Joseph Pilates' legacy by teaching with the quality & depth of knowledge that he originally intended, as passed down through his protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. 

Pilates Reformer

the equipment

Dallas Pilates uses Gratz & Basil apparatuses only. They are the only manufacturers in the world that replicate Joseph's original designs. In performing the exercises on apparatuses that are built to his standards, in the systems he created, our understanding of and ability to perform the work is enhanced, and we can perform the exercises as he originally intended. It is a common misconception that Pilates' equipment intensifies strength and resistance work, but the purpose is instead to assist both the student and the teacher. It is for this reason that the mat work is the hardest (to do correctly), and why Pilates is best taught one on one, with a combination of equipment and mat work. 

the history

Joseph Pilates was born in 1883 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Growing up as a sickly child, he dedicated himself to improving his health and physical fitness and developing his methodology. He helped rehabilitate bedridden soldiers during the war, which inspired one of his pieces of equipment that we use today. There are over 600 exercises for the various apparatuses he invented & his knowledge still informs many modalities in fitness, chiropractics & health today. Joseph regarded the Pilates method as a way of life and path to total health rather than merely a series of exercises.